Navigating the Arts Vol. 2: A Black Star Movement

When the Mighty Mos Def and Talib Kweli form as one, you get one the most dynamic duos of all time (at least in my opinion).  But how could anyone argue?!?  These brothers are no joke bringing such a well rounded attack like nothing I’ve seen in a long time or read about from the past.

From Mos Def starring as medical innovator Vivien Thomas and Brother Sam on Dexter, to Talib collaborating on dozens of albums, forming a new group Idle Worship resurrecting the previously under-appreciated singer Res, and appearing on numerous documentaries, these two are breaking down the barriers on hip hop culture in a unique way.

The antipication for their next album is beyond comprehension for me.  I remember when the first album dropped back in the late 90’s, I believe it changed me forever.  For them to bless Cleveland at the House of Blues, how could anyone ask for a better gift?  The concert did not dissappoint.    The energy was intense and they did every song I could dream of, including Thieves in the Night, my all-time favorite.  A++


A Father’s Love Vol. 1: An Introduction

My little girl lives with her mom.  Her mom and I divorced a few years back before she turned one.  The time I spend with my daughter is very special to me.  I dont see her as often as I would like, but give everything I have when we are together.

This was the advice given to me by my dad.  he told me, “the time will come, just do the best you can.  Don’t force anything, she will know who you are.”  So far, so good.

After the divorce, I was made to pay child support as expected.  It was awfully steep if you ask me, but then again, who asked me?  I just adjusted and moved on with my life.

Overtime, I have watched several men run from child support, quit their jobs, get arrested, fight for custody just to lower the payments and so on.  I try not judge, but I will admit, it’s hard.

So, at the end of the day, I can sleep sound, knowing that she at least has the financial resources she needs, trusting that her mom is using the money in the proper manner.  Beyond that… there’s a lot of work to be done.  Day by day, year by year.  I’m confident that, one day, everything will be just fine and these challenging times will be a thing of the past.