Navigating the Arts Vol. 2: A Black Star Movement

When the Mighty Mos Def and Talib Kweli form as one, you get one the most dynamic duos of all time (at least in my opinion). ¬†But how could anyone argue?!? ¬†These brothers are no joke bringing such a well rounded attack like nothing I’ve seen in a long time or read about from the past.

From Mos Def starring as medical innovator Vivien Thomas and Brother Sam on Dexter, to Talib collaborating on dozens of albums, forming a new group Idle Worship resurrecting the previously under-appreciated singer Res, and appearing on numerous documentaries, these two are breaking down the barriers on hip hop culture in a unique way.

The antipication for their next album is beyond comprehension for me. ¬†I remember when the first album dropped back in the late 90’s, I believe it changed me forever. ¬†For them to bless Cleveland at the House of Blues, how could anyone ask for a better gift? ¬†The concert did not dissappoint. ¬† ¬†The energy was intense and they did every song I could dream of, including¬†Thieves¬†in the Night, my all-time favorite. ¬†A++


A Father’s Love Vol. 1: An Introduction

My little girl lives with her mom.  Her mom and I divorced a few years back before she turned one.  The time I spend with my daughter is very special to me.  I dont see her as often as I would like, but give everything I have when we are together.

This was the advice given to me by my dad. ¬†he told me, “the time will come, just do the best you can. ¬†Don’t force anything, she will know who you are.” ¬†So far, so good.

After the divorce, I was made to pay child support as expected.  It was awfully steep if you ask me, but then again, who asked me?  I just adjusted and moved on with my life.

Overtime, I have watched several men run from child support, quit their jobs, get arrested, fight for custody just to lower the payments and so on. ¬†I try not judge, but I will admit, it’s hard.

So, at the end of the day, I can sleep sound, knowing that she at least has the financial resources she needs, trusting that her mom is using the money in the proper manner. ¬†Beyond that… there’s a lot of work to be done. ¬†Day by day, year by year. ¬†I’m confident that, one day, everything will be just fine and these challenging times will be a thing of the past.