“F… this Library!”

Yep, that’s what the young man said.  We tell him to watch his language around adults… “Man, F…k this Library!”  Really?  What did the library do to you?  Actually, it sounds like the coward way out, because what he wanted to say was, “F… You!”  But instead chose to yell out his little, lame statement for all to hear.

Pretty sad times, right?  Well, depends on how you look at it.  Yes, this boy, let’s call him Shrek (he was rather huge with a bad haircut), was out right disrespectful, and yes his anger was completely misdirected, but maybe, just maybe, this cry, or outcry, for help was something we need to hear, need to embrace or to dissect.

This won’t be the last time I hear this, or maybe things will just get so much better over the next century!  Don’t hold your breath, but keep hoping and fighting.