3 Movies that inspire ME as a father

#3 – Chef


I get great inspiration from this movie – a southern guy works to redeem himself after a failed marriage and has to learn how to be a responsible, attentive father, while maintaining and/or creating the career that he wants.

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Daily Prayer: Submission

Plenty of times you sent help my way, but I hid
and I remember once you held me close, but I slid
There was something that I just had to see
that you wanted me to see so I could be what you wanted me to be

And I think I’ve seen it, but I don’t feel the same
Matter of fact I know I’ve seen it, I can feel the change
and it’s strange almost got me beating down your door
But I have never known love like this before

It’s a wonderful feeling to get away from the pain
and up under the ceiling I get away from the rain
And the strain that I feel when I’m here is gone
I know real so I wipe away the tears with a song



“Prayer” (Skit), from “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” – revised in Standing in the Need of Prayer: A Celebration of Black Prayer

My Prayer – Ashe

I am offering a little piece of me.  

I am sharing my daily prayer with YOU.  

I hope that it will inspire and bring some additional guidance to your life.  

It has done wonderful things for me…

– Ali Jamal

My prayer-page-001 (1)


“Ashe” – so mote it be.

Daily Prayer: Healing

I invoke the spirit and fortitude of our creator and our beloved and revered ancestors…

“A Prayer for the Healing of the Body”

We ask for the knowledge of the Healing of our bodies.

We know that knowledge is healing

And healing is knowledge.

As we seek knowledge

We ask that you would help us

To find and use this knowledge

To become stronger in our mission….

– Reverend Lillie Kate Benitez

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